Andrés Riquelme

Antique Restoration

Bringing back the life to a beautiful piece of furniture is my art and passion

andresWith 25 years of experience beginning in Chile, I have nurtured my passion for art and working with my hands. My father, in Santiago, taught me to create objects of art from local natural materials. My grandfather, a woodworking teacher, has been my inspiration. In the 1990’s I moved to Miami, Florida where I worked for antique dealers, restoration service companies, and individual customers; and gained a great deal of experience in restoring antique European furniture. After several years I moved to Greenville, South Carolina where I’ve had an opportunity to focus more on antique restoration. My reward comes in the joy I receive in bringing back the life to a beautiful piece of furniture or art.

I work with customers throughout Upstate South Carolina, providing period-correct restoration, repair and conservation of fine antique furniture, architectural pieces, sculpture and artwork.

Please browse my portfolio of restoration work and contact me to help evaluate your restoration project.

Andres Riquelme Antique Restoration